Dear ASS Editors,

Just like any company Deliveroo is also trying to follow Uber Eats and Honestbee’s drastic ways to cut operation cost. Instead of choosing to operate with a team of reliable standby riders they now opt to switch the entire team to pay-per-order. I think we all know how that impacts operation (Just look at. the miserable UberEats)

Instead of giving riders their fairshare, we will receive nothing if there is no demand in our area and no incentives to Accept or finish far orders. In additional to the issues of oversupply of riders and undersupply…

Here’s a really nasty way Deliveroo chose to treat many of it’s loyal riders and cyclists. They have been sending new pay-per-order riders sms and emails to get online “as orders are raining in due to sky breaking demands” , and send standard template emails to old birds to terminate us on the excuse of long delivery time and ignoring orders (That did not happened).

Good luck to Deliveroo because your reliability has been dropping steadily since this new scheme introduction and the riders you have already terminated off has caused a big gap in several zones. That is in addition to new riders rejecting far orders because your per order pay is the same be it far or near.

I hope you enjoy your efforts.

A Dissapointed Roo Rider
A.S.S. Contributor

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