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This happened to me yesterday at around 7pm at Hougang mall. I was wearing my school uniform with my nametag on, which was blue in colour. This indicated that I was in secondary 4. Anyways, this guy comes up to me while I was queuing at the drink store in kopitiam and asks me what school I was from.

Because I didn’t want to be rude, I just said I was from blah blah blah. He then proceeded to look at my nametag and asked how old I was, and gave me looks that made me very uncomfortable. Obviously, I didn’t want this guy to know anything about me other than my school, so I told him I was in secondary 3 instead of sec4, because I assumed he wouldn’t know what the colours of the nametag indicated.

I thought wrong.

He then kept asking me why I was lying to him, asking me what colour my name tag was, and said something like “blue means you’re in secondary 4 so how come you’re wearing blue in secondary 3?” and kept pestering me as if i owed him an answer, so I just told him I retained lol. At this point I was still whatever about it because maybe this guy was just kapoh right?

Wrong again.

After I kept ignoring him and looked visibly uncomfortable, he walked away and I took off my nametag and put it in my pocket just incase he came back, and he did. About 2-3 minutes after he left, he came back again and tapped my on the shoulder and asked me “where your nametag ah” at this point I was a bit triggered because that meant he was watching me the entire time and it just made me feel so disturbed.

I asked him if it mattered where my nametag was, because at this point I knew that there was something mentally wrong with him and there was no way I could make him go away without answering his questions. Then he changed the subject and started saying things like “oh the way you tie hair very pretty”. I said “oh ok” and he tried to touch me like grab me by the elbow or something I honestly don’t know but I was super alert and just moved away with a “wtf” look on my face. He asked me again what my name was, acting as if I didn’t just try to push him away.

At this point I was getting pretty annoyed because he was obviously invading my personal space and asking me questions like I was obliged to answer them, so I just said “Can you stop pestering me? You’re being disgusting.” and I made sure to say it really loudly so that the people around us would hopefully realise that I obviously wasn’t comfortable with this guy breathing down my neck and help me. Thankfully, after that he just said a small “oh ok” and walked out of the kopitiam.

After that happened I went back to where my friends were seated and told them what happened, and my friend (let’s call her N) asked me how he looked like, and I described him to her and she said that he also went up to her and tried looking at her nametag, but she brushed it off as him trying to find where the queue started. N and I started talking and realised this seemed oddly familiar to my other friend’s experiences.

Basically, since last year there was this “pervert” that was going around disturbing and stalking girls that were from my cohort, like specifically, and he even showed up for our school’s carnival. Like legit he had a full on fetish for my cohort it’s super weird. I’m not sure of the specific details of what he did to those girls but i’m pretty sure it was similar to this. It was a huge thing in our school and we even had a nickname for him (lets pretend it’s donkey).

Anyways, asked my other friends about it who had been approached by donkey for his instagram because he used that to bother them too, and she sent me a picture of him.

Turns out it’s the same guy that approached N and I. It’s pretty weird knowing that he definitely knew which school I was from seeing that he stalked so many other girls from my school, yet continued to ask me what school i was from and my age even though he clearly knew. I suspect he wanted to see my nametag so he could search me up on instagram and send me nudes or kachiao me or something–I have no clue.

Anyways, just wanted to do a PSA for other girls to be careful! My friends says he hangs out a lot at hougang and sometimes even sengkang, and this definitely isn’t the first time he has done this, so please if you ever go there stay alert and don’t ever share your personal info and try to block out your nametag if you’re in uniform. There also seems to be more cases of girls being flashed (I think it happened twice outside my school this year alone), so please be careful and remember to aim for the nether regions if needed!

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