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A Pasir Ris resident, who was out walking her two dogs out with her husband Pasir Ris Drive 4, stumbled upon over 50 mice that had been abandoned in that stretch of Pasir Ris.

Karen Teng, 47, said she saw a moving white mass, and when she went for a closer look, realised that the white mass was made up of many little rodents. A trail of bread slices had also been placed at the same spot, which leads to a forested area, which could have been used to lure the mice further away from the pavement. She estimated that the mice were about 6 cm long, minus the tail.

Madam Teng and some neighbours managed to gather about 54 mice, nad has since handed them over to the SPCA. SPCA suspects that this is a case of pet abandonment. Both SPCA and AVA ae investigating this incident.

Gabriel Ang

A.S.S. Contributor

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