Hey guys,

So here I am, alive and somewhat well. I’m not going to give a detailed update/explanation as I don’t want this matter to go viral, though I think you guys really do deserve one. Long story short, there was indeed a tinder stalker who had conspired with the maid of the apartment I used to live in. Apparently she had a thing for SCDF guys, and I became her unlucky victim after matching with her.

She paid $20 to the maid to slip that amulet underneath my pillowcase. The maid actually gained entry into the room when my roommate was on medical leave one day and she offered to clean our room a little. After confronting her with the landlady and my grandma, she finally confessed. A police report had been made, but I later withdrew it out of sympathy, on top of my grandma asking me to avoid drama like this, and besides, I didn’t want this to drag on for long.

It’s not really much of a happy ending. Though I’ve got little to no belief in such superstitions, I believe I shouldn’t have opened up the amulet. A string of bad events and occurrences happened, and as a result, some family conflicts occured and i’ve been ditched by some family members and relatives. An imam has confirmed that it was indeed a safety/luck amulet, but somehow its powers rebuked when I unopened it.

I would like to thank all the redditors who’ve contributed in helping me with this matter at that time. Especially those who had a sense of humour; you have no idea how trembling I was when I saw that picture of myself in that package. As a word of caution, please, oh please do keep yourselves safe in this day and age of digital stalking.

Thank you guys once again, and God bless.

Read more about what happened previously here:

“Long story short, woke up this morning to find an object in my pillow. It was a white small package, wrapped with multi coloured thread and sealed with a wax stamp that had a star on it.

Opening the whole thing up was tough. it felt like layers of adhesive paper one on top of the other. when i finally managed to open it up, i was horrified to find a green piece of paper with what seems to be arabic text written on it.”

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