one morning i alighted my pax at seng kang, and intended to return to Marina Bay Cruise center for more business. Approaching a bus stop, i noticed an elderly malay woman waved at me. i stopped for her to board the taxi. she told me “Tan Tock seng hospital”. as i drove off she said she couldn’t lift her arms when she woke up in the morning. i saw from the rear mirror she had tears in her eyes. i suspected she had a stroke. she instructed me to visit the atm for her to draw money to pay for the taxi fare.

i asked her if she had any children, she said she had one son who went to work. i got angry and started to lecture her. i said “your son should take you to the hospital in an ambulance. what happens if you fell sick in my taxi? i cannot save you”. i drove as fast as i could to reach TTSH and she was rather concerned about paying for the taxi fare.

I told her that she cannot even walk properly and don’t worry about the taxi fare. when we reached TTSH i asked two hospital staff to use a wheel chair to help her. I told her “don’t worry about the fare, is free for you, you worry about your health, ok”. She thanked me and said she wanted to pay me, while i was more worry about driving to Premier HQ to get my car repaired (another taxi kissed my backside at the airport).

i am telling you this story because in our line of work, there may be people who need our help and the last thing on my mind on that day was about the taxi fare ($27). i was really concerned for that lady. i knew she was really sick.

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