I’ve always been an unabashed supporter of the PAP–because a few tone-deaf individuals do not a party make. Besides, a lot of good has come out of those who are genuine about public service: who toil the ground; who stand for timeless principles; who give people not just what they hope for, but something greater to aspire towards.

However, the recent round of musical chairs has left me disappointed and indignant. Disappointed at the lack of faith the government has in the people. Indignant for the humiliation and speculation surrounding good people who have been thrown into the middle of this circus–Tan Chuan Jin and Halimah Yacob.

TCJ’s appointment came as a surprise. But nothing is more insulting than the articles churned out to make his move look like it was “not a demotion”. It reminded me of the Chinese saying: 此地无银三百两. I am sure TCJ can make meaning in his new role, seeing how gracefully he has received his new appointment. But why do we have to plaster over the truth of the matter? There are times when we have to call a spade a spade.

Halimah is also not enjoying the celebration she deserves, as the first female Muslim President. Instead, she is forced into a defensive stance. Her work–unconstructive and unnecessary–has been cut out for her.

The reserved elections was disrespectful from the start. It whitewashed the legacy of Ong Teng Cheong as the first people’s elected president. It told the minority communities that their candidates cannot win without affirmative action. It showed Singaporeans that racial harmony is a farce, that all the work we have put into nurturing bonds with our multi-racial compatriots count for nothing, that we are ultimately not colourblind nor meritocratic. But these are not the beliefs of the people. These are the fears of a party that has grown too insular in its success.

Just as a few bad eggs do not a party make, a party that has lost its way does not a nation make. I hope that all of us can continue to hold firm to our beliefs. To always do what is right, and to do it well. Onward, Singapore.

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