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The National University Hospital (NUH) suffered a black out yesterday, which resulted in ambulances being forced to other hospitals and patients in the affected parts of the hospital being diverted to other wards.

The power outage began at 4.15PM and lasted for 1 and a half hours. It mainly affected the first floor of NUH’s main building.

According to an NUH statement: “As a safety measure, patients were redirected to services in our other buildings such as the NUH Medical Centre, and ambulances were diverted to other hospitals. Our investigations showed that the disruption was due to a failure in one of the hardware components and we will put in measures to prevent a recurrence.” She did not specify what the component was but said the outage affected mostly the lights and air-conditioning units.

Visitors who spoke to reporters said that they were mostly unaffected by the power outage. Reports say none of the wards, operating theatres or most critical-care units were affected. Only the A&E Department was hit, but no patients were harmed as a result.

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