As momentum built in the run-up to nomination day for the reserved Presidential Election , it was becoming increasingly clear that the most popular choice of vote was going to be the spoilt vote .

Realistically , any contest was never going to be between Halimah Yacob and the other 2 contenders . It was always going to be Halimah Yacob versus the spoiled votes . If a walkover had not been called , her candidacy would have been drowned in a tsunami of spoilt votes which would have exceeded her vote count and far surpassed the 25.7 % of spoiled votes which Singaporeans cast in the 1962 Merger referendum . The PAP knew this and knew the catastrophic consequences of such an outcome .

Singaporeans were ready to give the PAP government a bloody nose because of the moral revulsion they felt towards this unfair , undemocratic , unmeritocratic and racially divisive election . There was not an iota of good to be found anywhere in the electoral mechanism and Singaporeans instinctly sensed that .

There will be other opportunities for Singaporeans to put the PAP nose out of joint in the coming months and years as we head towards the next General Elections . The incompetence of the government as it lurches from one crisis to another of its own making , and the inability and buffoonery of various Ministers are becoming all too apparent .

This post first appeared on Lim Tean’s Facebook wall.

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