I’m working as a administrative manager but my job scope is more like a personal assistant. I’m working with this company for 2 years. And I’m the only one working in that office plus a cleaner.

On 30th Aug I went to hospital and it was confirm that I am 7-week pregnant. Straight away I texted my boss.

On 31st Aug my director talked to me and force me to resign after emailing the board director.

I can’t leave the office until I email my resignation letter. Reason given under coercion was because I have too many family problems though all those CL and leave I took was my entitlement.

My question is:- is it possible for the MOM to accept my case because I have already email my resignation letter?

I feel that this is seriously unfair for me and feel like a piece of trash.

I’m a divorcee and remarried last year. The 2 kids are under my care and control. My ex-husband is in halfway house and have not being providing for the kids.

Please advise. Truly appreciate your kind understanding.


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