Dear A.S.S. Editor

It just had to happen. Just the fact that it happened now hammers home the fact that Singapore football is in deep trouble, and instead of progressing, we are not even standing still, but going backwards. All the other ASEAN countries have caught up to us now.

In yet another series of embarrassing results, Singapore’s Under-18 footballers lost 3-1 to Timor Leste’s U18s at the on-going ASEAN Football Federation (AFF) U18 Championships on yesterday. Timor Leste was not even an independent country when Singapore’s S-League was born. The supposed superior professional league, that was formed so that Singapore have a bigger pool of professional footballers who are supposed to dominate the region in the years after the formation of the S-League. What a joke!

But now, the young boys, most of whom are the future of Singapore football, surrendered meekly to a team who was born around the time their country gained independence. If the FAS bigwigs still cannot see it, this is comprehensive proof that Singapore football is in the worst state in their history. Minnows have overtaken us, and Singapore can now proudly call ourselves the whipping boys of ASEAN football.

It will only get worse for Singapore football.

Hatta Said

A.S.S. Contributor

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