As a reminder to all motorists, Facebook has posted a Land Transport Authority (LTA) advisory confirming that road hogging is a punishable offence that could set back drivers with a hefty fine! 
In a parliamentary session in 2013, Senior Minister of State for Home Affairs and Foreign Affairs Mr Masagos Zulkifli said: "Over the last three years, an average of 1,750 summons were issued each year for road hogging."
Vehicles travelling on the first lane of an expressway while moving at 90KM/H may be holding up vehicles who wish to overtake them because of emergencies. This leads to a frustrating experience for the vehicle driver behind and may lead to accidents.
Thinking that others can overtake on the left is a misconception, as traffic rules state that it is illegal to overtake on the left.
The only exception to this rule is when traffic is heavy all around the expressway, which results in everyone's speeds being below 90KM/H.

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