Dear Editors

I was watching the news update as Mdm Halimah was declared president of Singapore and would have opinions to raise here, I hope my post will be shared for others to see if they agree with what I said.

From the day where Mdm Halimah resigned from the PAP as well as speaker of parliament; many of us knew that somehow or rather it’s either gonna be a walkover or Halimah wins the elections with a good result, pardon me if I sounded like a supporter of Halimah but why am I saying this is very simple. Let me list is out:

1. The reason for many of us leaning towards Mdm Halimah’s victory is because I believe somehow of rather, our dearest PM Lee would certainly want not only a president of a minority, but he would also want Singapore to have a new chapter of having a female head of state like what other countries had so as to show off or make news headlines that Singapore has its own female and minority president, it is of course to gain image from all over the world and of course we can show off that we are able to have a female president.

2. Having a strong backing from the PAP, it’s certain that people will see Halimah’s PAP track record as a fruitful experience in running the country, so many people would have been encouraged to support her as the other ” 2 contenders” dust have such track records or might even be labelled as clowns trying to spoil or dilute Mdm Halimah’s votes.

So wouldn’t you agree that there is no need for such a presidential election as Halimah is going to win anyway?

A.S.S. Contributor

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