Dear Editor,

Halimah Yacob said she’ll continue to stay in her HDB flat. As President of Singapore, how can she be so selfish and thick skin? Doesn’t she know she’s wasting Singaporean taxpayers money?

It’s bad enough that we don’t have a say in who we want as our President. Now still must LL suck thumb waste money on her?

Some people say she stay HDB cuz she’s down to earth but whatever, to me I think this shows she’s selfish, rigid, not willing to change. Cost of living already so high, it’ snot like we earn easy money. We’re trying hard enough to get by, put food on the table so don’t come and waste my money! Do you understand how difficult it is to provide for family with the salary normal Singaporeans are getting?

So good at managing moneybut can’t think of how to put taxpayers’ money to good use?

I don’t care if you stay there for so long. I don’t care if you comfortale and don’t want to move. I don’t even need a high class President. But there are things she should CHANGE to make her befitting of the position and this is the least she should do already.

Do good do together my foot!

A.S.S. Contributor

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