There are quite a few reasons to feel disgruntled by the elected Presidency but I detest fake news and lies.

Chief amongst these is the lie spread by alternative media and on the internet that Madam Halimah is Indian and not Malay, because her father is Indian.

This is a outlandish lie. Malay identity is not determined by bloodline. It isn’t here, and neither is it in Malaysia. Moreover Madam Halimah has been running as a Malay candidate in her GRC since 2001.

This lie is insidious and must be rebutted forcefully. In fact, it’s so wicked, it borders on the criminal.

Finally I strenuously condemn those copycats who are spreading the #notmypresident hashtag.

The nomination and election process was conducted faithfully and without fraud. The independent PEC was within its rights to disqualify the other candidates, much as one can disagree with the subjective decision. Although one may disagree with the new rules of the game, the game was played fairly and squarely – any accusation that the election was rigged is utterly unjustified.

Over the last few weeks, I have expressed my own concerns over the elected Presidency, and even Madam Halimah herself.

But now that she is our President-elect, everyone must respect the result and the institution.

Moreover, Madam Halimah has conducted herself with dignity, and even her critics have admitted that she is a wonderful and respected person who has spent her life in public service. Both the institution and Madam Halimah does not need to earn our respect – it is something that is now demanded of us.

The election is over. Show some respect.

Madam Halimah is my President. She is your President. She is the President of all Singaporeans.

Congratulations Madam President-elect.

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