Dear A.S.S.,

I have always been a supporter of liberal democracy and faith in our ruling government. However, having faith in our government does not mean that we should turn a blind eye to what is happening. I hope that Singaporeans have an open forum where we can have our opinions heard as the Singapore system is now no different from an elected dictatorship.

I came across the article on Facebook reporting on the walkover victory our president elect, Mdm Halimah, scored, and saw many comments suggesting that the elections are rigged. I can understand the need for some censorship online to prevent irresponsible opinions, but under the guise of preventing irresponsible opinions, Channel News Asia instead censored ALL opinions. My opinions were deleted many times as I tried to repost each time it was deleted.

Of course, my comments are not the only one being deleted and many others who commented realised it as well.

Due to the litigious nature of the Singapore courts, I have decided to remain anonymous as I voice my opinions. The history of the English judicial system, where our system roots stem from, has been developed to protect the common men. I prod that our judiciary can be more independent from the executive and legislature to uphold and protect the Singapore constitution and its values, as without that, society will be threatened with anarchy if any political individual is allowed to do whatever he/she wants.

PS: I still have faith in most of the leaders in the government, however, me as a voter will not tolerate lawlessness if an individual threatens the balance of our fragile society. This is where I hope all Singaporeans can unite to have our opinions heard to protect our home.

A.S.S. Contributor

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