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An unemployed man who threatened to burn his house down and went on to cut the LPG gas cylinder hose in his house kitchen was jailed for 15 months. Khairudin Mohamed, 39, carried out the rash acts at his Tampines Avenue 4 home earlier this year, because he was angry that his mother did not give him more money.

He had demanded money from his mother on that particular day, but she only had $40 and gave him that. He had demanded more, but became angry as she did not have money. He left the house, but returned later in the afternoon. He then flared up after his mother told him his girlfriend had looked for him. He threatened to burn the house down. He went to the kitchen and cut the hose of the LPG gas cylinder which supplied gas to the kitchen stove.

He then carried the gas cylinder, with the hose cut, and said to his mother in Malay: “You thought I was just joking. This time, it’s for real.” He then entered his bedroom with the gas cylinder while Madam Safiah called the police before leaving the flat. Police subsequently arrested him.

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