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Remember us? It’s been a long time since our last post on disHonestbee. You might be wondering why are we still working for them. Well they made ‘some’ effort to ensure we shoppers were paid fairly after that awful saga. All was ‘good’ until today.

An email was sent from disHonestbee to every shopper this evening. Point number one sounds reasonable. No comments on that.

Thought that was it but NOOOOO. Here comes the big shocker. Seriously disHonestbee. How could you?? After all the shit we have been through together, you want to break up? T_T

Let us clarify what point number two means.

A shopper has to grab the shifts that he/she wants to work for the following week every Wednesday. Fastest fingers wins. disHonestbee will release shifts per location every 15 mins starting from 3pm to 5pm on When I Work app. Shifts comes in 2 hour slots each day beginning from 845am to 845pm. With us so far?

Once a shopper has grabbed the shifts they want, he/she will be required to turn up for the shifts at the specific location and complete grocery orders from NTUC Fairprice (their biggest partner).

What disHonestbee is trying to implement is that should there be no orders for that timeslot, the shift will be removed from the shopper. Instead of paying shoppers the basic of $5 per hour x multiplier + bonus line
incentives, shoppers now have to suck their thumbs and be paid a measly $2 per hour instead.

How in the world is that even fair? How do they even come up with this kind of proposal and informing us only one day in advance?

We shoppers invest our time and effort to travel down to these locations to work and yet they intend to do this to us. Grabbing the shifts itself is not an easy task thanks to disHonestbee’s endless hiring of new shoppers when the shifts released are so minimal like literally only one shopper per hub every hour. The last figure last year was 1200 which we all know is bull. We wonder what that number has turned into now. Once grabbed, that shift rightfully belongs to the shopper. How can it be taken away? Is that even legal?

We pity the new shoppers coming in. Everything looked so lucrative during the orientation process. Well not anymore once they realize it is freaking damn difficult just to grab one bloody shift. How is this fair?

Another ongoing implementation from disHonestbee are the standby shoppers slot. If a shopper grabs these shifts, he/she will have to standby near the location without being paid a single cent and wait for activation only when needed. And guess what? Once activated, standby shoppers will be paid higher than normal shoppers. Sadly, activation does not happen very often. Then again how is this fair?

With thel new implementation starting this Wednesday means that when a normal shopper shift gets cut back, a standby shopper will be activated should orders come in? If so, how is this fair?

We realize a pattern that whenever disHonestbee changes to a new boss, we start seeing all these crap ideas of theirs coming out. Just when we feel comfortable and adapted to the last payment scheme changes, they decide to flip the tables again.

disHonestbee should be ashamed of themselves. Instead of finding solutions on how to bring in more sales, they keep on taking the easy way out which is to cut us off. We bet their partners will be ashamed of them too especially NTUC Fairprice when they see this.

Very Disgruntled Bees
A.S.S. Contributor

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