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IRAS has issued a warning to the public that an email on tax refunds supposedly sent by IRAS is a scam. It may even contain a computer virus. The email asks recipients to download an attachment or click on a link to view their tax refunds.

On its website, IRAS said there have been reported cases of scammers sending emails, letters, text messages or phone calls purportedly from the authority to members of the public. These scams asked people to transfer money for tax purposes to other bank accounts; pay money before an inheritance or estate of a deceased person is released; provide bank account numbers for tax refund claims, cash rewards or to pay outstanding taxes; and provide information such as personal particulars and passwords.

IRAS has reminded the public that it does not send official emails from personal email accounts, and that IRAS will also not ask for personal information via email. However, there have been cases where scam emails have been sent mimicking the Board’s email addresses, ending with Anyone who has received a suspicious email, letter, SMS or phone call purportedly from IRAS should not respond, and immediately contact the authority

Michael Ong

A.S.S. Contributor

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