27 year-old Mohan Maheswaran, a restaurant executive, molested 3 teenage boys whom he stalked and intimidated with his lewd advances.

According to court documents, Mohan pleaded guilty yesterday to 3 charges, 2 of outraging the modesty of 2 16 year-old boys and a third of using criminal force to grab the arm of a 13 year-old boy.

During his molestation spree against the boys, Mohan used trickery and force on his younger and frightened victims.

In one case, he asked a 16 year-old boy to help him carry some things down the stairs. The boy agreed but was molested by the men when he was taken to a deserted staircase landing, where Mohan revealed that he had lied and told the boy, “I just want to play with you.”

The boy pushed Mohan away and ran to a nearby hair salon, but Mohan stalked the boy and hung around outside the salon, looking at him and smiling. The boy, who was with his siblings, reported the molest to his father.

Mohan’s second victim was on his way to school when he stopped to use a public toilet at Commonwealth Avenue West. There, Mohan approached the boy and made an indecent proposition, but was ignored by the boy. Mohan then forcefully molested the victim.

The last victim, aged 13, was also told to help Mohan carry some things and lured to a deserted staircase. Suspecting something was wrong, the boy tried to run but Mohan grabbed his arm and told him not to be afraid. The boy shoved Mohan’s hand away, but Mohan followed up by offering to perform a sexual act on the boy. The boy pushed him again and fled.

Mohan, who came to work in Singapore since March 2016, could have been jailed up to 2 years, fined, caned or received any combination of the sentences.

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