A netizen shared this posting on a popular local forum.

Does this sum up what happened in this reserved “election”?

Boy: Papa you always choose the place that you like but I don’t like! It’s not fair!

Dad stops packing his fishing equipment in his bag and turns to his son

Dad: Okay. This time I let you choose. I give you a few places then you decide ok?

Boy’s face lights up in excitement

Boy: Okay! Papa you are the best!

Dad: So today we can go to the playground downstairs, go to USS or we can go fishing at East Coast Park.

Boy: USS! I want to go to USS!

Dad: Son, USS very far leh we live at Jurong if we go there come back already 2 hour plus. Mai lah.

Boy: Okay… then like that we just go down to the playground loh…

Dad: Good! Let’s go.

Dad picks up his bag and heads out the door

Dad: Ehh son, actually ah, playground you can anytime go because it’s so near our house. I think today we go fishing better lah.

Boy: But ECP very far!

Dad: It’s okay we take taxi!

Boy frowns

Boy: Then why can’t we take taxi to USS?

Dad: Because USS very far.

Boy: ECP also very far what.

Dad: Welcome to the PAP!

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