Singaporeans woke up today unhappy and in sadness. The country rightly felt betrayed by the ruling party for denying our right to vote. The wound is real and the scar is permanent.

Any doubt that this Reserved PE was a political ploy to deny Singaporeans to choose a popular President who clearly was a threat to the ruling party is now put to rest.

This battle is lost not on fairplay, so the people should hold our heads high as the PAP Government cheated us again. Power has corrupted them.

Let this be their last high fix before the fall. Do not allow anyone to forget our own 911 that intends to bring down our democracy.

Singaporeans must remember this day when the next GE comes. The stakes are our children and our children’s children.

We are not a racist nation they paint us to be. They are the one stoking racial sentiments again and again for their vested political interest. Let us unite as a nation to right this wrong.

For after every hardship there will be ease. Again, after every hardship there will be ease.

God bless you all.

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