Since The Cat Museum announced last week that it will no longer be able to foster cats and kittens on the third floor of its premises, public response has been overwhelming.

Over 600 people visited over the weekend – more than four times the usual number. This record number of visitors proves that Singapore desperately wants The Cat Museum to continue its work providing a safe haven for the cats and educating the public.

Even Minister Desmond Lee, who now leads the Ministry of Social Development and Family Services (MSF), took time out of his busy schedule to ring and offer assistance with any relocation issues relating to the orphans. The Cat Museum already works with the MSF, which Minister Lee now heads, giving opportunities to Youth at Risk and working on further initiatives for probationers.

“We have been truly blessed to receive an outpouring of compassion, kindness and generosity”, said The Cat Museum founder, Jessica Seet. She has the following exciting news to report: All the kittens currently living at the Mamas and Munchkins Nursery now have potential adopters so we are helping other fosterers rehome their kittens. The public can continue to come forward to adopt the kittens and some adults still needing a ‘furever home’. Adoptions are still subject to The Cat Museum’s stringent adoption procedure.

The Cat Museum fundraiser at Give.Asia has reached over 70% of its target. Click here to support the appeal. Once the target of $25,000 is reached, an announcement will be made about the future location of the Mamas and Munchkins Nursery.

Many more exciting public fundraising activities will be announced on our newly launched website The focus of the Cat Museum has always been to empower and educate young people to develop compassion through first-hand experience understanding and caring for cats & initiatives like our KIddie Cat Camps & many more are in the pipeline.

“If you believe in our mission, and would like to end the suffering of the strays in Singapore, help us live on by contributing to The Cat Museum at DBS Current 0339049743”, says Jessica.

Ms Seet further maintains that there is no “illegal conversion” of her 3rd floor residence as there has NEVER been “collection of admission fees for entrance” into her residence and fostering cats in one’s private residence is not illegal.

She goes on to explain, “#05-01 is 2 bedrooms, #04-01 is a hall & kitchen, #03-01 has a hall & 2 bathrooms with NO kitchen, so how is this a “separate property”? I fully cooperated with URA during their inspection and took them on a tour of the residence.

On the landlord not renewing the lease, MND, in its facebook post said, “This is a contractual matter between the landlord and Ms Seet. It is a decision made by the landlord and has nothing to do with the URA enforcement”.

The landlord had sent Ms Seet a strongly worded letter to comply with URA’s enforcement notice on 22 March 2017 as URA had contacted them, even before she submitted her appeal. These exchanges, she believes, played a part in the landlord’s decision.

She further wanted to clarify that, on 7 September Channel NewsAsia had reported that Ms Seet had said in The Cat Museum press release dated 5 September that “she and her cats will be evicted after an enforcement order was sent by the authorities”, when the press release said no such thing. We only informed the public that the “orphan cats” “will soon be homeless” which is the truth.

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