Appeal for witness for car accident which happened on 9 Sep 2017 @ around 2030 to 2045 at PIE towards Tuas before Toh Guan exit involving my car Honda Fit SJT3599X and the other party car Toyota Lexus SLQ3817J.

My brother had signalled to change to the left lane and before he could make the change, the other party hit our car right rear side which caused the car to first swirl to the left, before hitting the road shoulder railing. My brother then turned his steering wheel to avoid hitting the railing which caused the car to hit and stop at the divider. The other party driver then came over to check on my brother, sister in law and mother and apologised to them for the accident and informed them they could make the claim against him. All 3 of them substained some injuries with my mother taking most of the impact as she was sitting behind which resulted her having lost 2 of her teeth and experiencing chest pain after the accident.

Now the other party is claiming that our car cut into his lane which causes him to hit our car.

Would appreciate your help to share out this post. Every small evidence, every witness will help us a lot.

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