Dear A.S.S. Editor

History tells us to be weary of people who sow discord by spreading fake news, half truths. They play on emotions, create fear or worse play false prophets. In this Facebook era, it’s worse especially those who can just hide behind their keyboard.

Why companies make certain moves, it’s for all to speculate – some plain to see based on their behaviour. What is Uber’s behaviour in the past years around the world? Kill taxi drivers – Look at Yellow Cabs in New York, Black Cabs in London. It will be no different in Singapore. They started first and grew every fast. In fact I am quite relieved there were many challengers who tried to stop their growth. So it’s very easy, cos talk is cheap – to say the Uber-Grab-CDG alliance can liao… This is wishful thinking. Why Uber suddenly partner taxi companies around SEA? Cos they are beaten by third party ride hailing apps that started with taxis or have a very strong taxi base – look at Didi ChuXing in China and Yandex in Russia, both countries where Uber exited.

No environment or situation is perfect. Giants can fight. But life still goes on. To maximise my chances of earnings and survival, I go where the wind blows. Now Grab give, money take. Give low fares ask them to go f themselves. No need to talk about pity here, pity there. In the end, we chose this trade slog to feed our families. I don’t need someone who is not even driving to tell me about the past, present or future. Especially one who has not “seen the world” yet or as they say wet behind the ears.

Onward fellow Taxi Drivers! We zoom to where the grass is greener. Even if it’s greener just for a period of time.

Lim Lau Pey

A.S.S. Contributor

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