Following the announcement that both their bids for presidential candidacy have been rejected, applicants Salleh Marican and Farid Khan have been open about voicing their disappointment with the results.

According to Second Chance CEO Mohamed Salleh Marican, his application was rejected as his firm’s shareholder’s equity was “considerably lower” than the minimum requirements. Similarly, Farid Khan shared that his application was also rejected for the same reason.

In response to the statement, Salleh Marican told the media that he was sad and very disappointed, but noted that his disqualification was not unexpected. This comes especially after he heard an Institute of Policy Studies talk by Chan Chun Sing, in which the Minister openly stated that the government would not lower the standards.

Mr Marican spoke of how he would deal with the disappointment and did not rule out contesting for the following presidential elections: “I have been disappointed many times in my life, especially in business, so I’m used to disappointment. I will continue to serve my country in other ways.”

“I will continue to run my business, and I hope to grow it,” he said. “If I can make the S$500 million criteria in six years’ time, I will try again. I believe in second chances, and I will give myself a second chance.”

However, it appears to be curtains for Bourbon Offshore Asia Pacific chairman Farid Khan, who has ruled out contesting in future presidential elections.

He told reporters. “I’m not really shocked, just a bit disappointed. My journey has ended. Halimah’s journey has just started. And I wish her all the best.”

When asked where his next move would take him, he said: “Definitely not politics or anything,” he said. “Back to my private life.”

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