Yesterday marks the day of my passing out parade from BMT with my coy mates and of course it’s kinda worrying for me rather than a joyous occasion.

Talking about we are trained soldiers as we are no longer recruits, it tends to be quite worrying for some. I was posted to the leadership batch and was 1 of the 8 JC students in the whole coy of poly batches and the politics we had is really a high level one.

Being the minority, we have always tried to socialise with the poly kids because in the army it’s all about teamwork and fighting spirit but it seems that these poly kids will only hang around and stick with their groups and quite anti-social. I have got no choice but to stick around with the JC boys as we can work well together, despite our commander’s efforts to bond us together. Let me share some issues here for you all to judge:

1. During our smoke break, I will always bring along my own pack of cigarette and lighter so as not to trouble others, and when these poly boys need a stick or lighter, they will always take mine and even ask me to light up the cig for them, and then they will go smoking happily among themselves ignoring us. But when we do the opposite, they weren’t happy about it and always have to wait for them to finish up their puffs before they even give us a stick or to light up our cig.

2. As we are in a most “rabak” company, training schedule were tight and toilet breaks were put to the minimum, 5 minutes for the whole company and during these toilet breaks, everybody will be rushing for the toilet because we drank too much water due to hydration regime and this leads to heavy bladder, most of us often hold our bladder till desperation that you will even see drops of pee leaking or dropping in our underwear. However, during such a toilet break, these poly boys would be the ones rushing like hell break loose to use the toilet and they will always take their own sweet time, resulting in some of us having to hold our bladder again till the next toilet break, and those who can’t hold for another hour or so will end up peeing our pants. It was during route march where such a embarrassing moment happened, me and my friend who didn’t manage to go for the 5 minute toilet break were continuing our route march when it happened, I tried not to think about it but it was so intense that our pee is already dripping in our underwear, we had no choice but didn’t want to sound out as we didn’t want to hold up the whole company, so we decided to try going to the end of the queue to try to relieve fast, but when we’re about to do so, they suddenly marched faster, it seems that there is a collaboration between them and the sergeants. Even as we were trying to borrow a plastic bag or bottle to pee, no one would want to lend us, we had no other options left but to march and pee in our pants since our underwear is already wet with drops of pee. You just imagine that kind of feeling.

Upon doing so, the poly boys started giggling, this even happen during our final 24 km route march in Tekong. There was once I even soiled my pants because these bunch of poly pricks occupied the toilet cubicle like their father’s toilet. We decided to sound out to our section commanders but they said we just have to take it easy as during war time we are expected to work together as a team and help each other, and during wartime, there will be no chance to even find a spot to relieve ourselves, worse still if we were held hostage during wartime, our best toilet will be in our pants. I heartedly agreed with it but there are still many issues that needs to be solved as in future if we go to command school and meet up with them again, it’s definitely gonna be hell again.

3. During area cleaning, we were the ones cleaning to whole entire bunk and tidying up the whole bunk, but these poly boys will use this opportunity to do their laundry, (just imagine when we peed in our pants, we were wearing and training in that wet underwear for the rest of the day) and we were the ones having to tidy up the whole bunk for them as we didn’t want to risk late bookout or weekends burnt as army got the obsession of doing things one for all and all for one.

4. The worse one will be during nights out after last parade, these poly boys were the ones enjoying themselves by watching videos and with quite a loud music and sounds from the phone enjoying themselves and they usually Father among themselves leaving us out, it’s so hard for me to sleep and when I asked them politely to lower down the volume, they turned deaf ears to eat, and as times goes by, I am so used to using headset while sleeping or to use pillow to cover my ears, and mind you, my buddy was one of the poly guys and I hardly talk to him either.

5. There was once we were given night snack, it was some kind of biscuits that I don’t eat and would be more than willing to give it up, but at least my buddy ask me for it, but he didn’t, he just say that if I don’t eat that I he just take, I felt so offended that he can even give me basic respect and manners just by opening him mouth and ask. I kept to myself as I didn’t want to offend him, worrying that I could be adding fuel to flames.

Now after sharing such incidents, just tell me, how am I suppose to live with them in future if I go to OCS or SCS? Living with them for 2 months is already like hell already, just imagine living with them for another 5 to 9 months, I think I will end up in the asylum! I hope that while we are waiting for them to do our posting during our block leave, we will enjoy it and also hope that those bunch of brats will do some reflections and stop being childish and selfish.

Thank you.

A.S.S. Contributor

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