A netizen has these sobering words in the run up of the disappointing walkover presidency for Halimah Yacob.

“This is the new low that we are given a race specific election and given to Malays. That’s not the worst.. It’s a walk over that means we don’t have enough Malay candidates who fits the criteria. What does this mean?

We’re severely lacking in our society.. Even as the largest minority in Singapore, there are nobody qualified to contest in this election or the past elections and end up a walk over plus the questionable status or Mdm Halimahs race is not even on the table for discussion disqualify her as well.

So what have we become? Just a representation of a society who always say “ala cukup la” or “tak ya ambik responsibility, ah biar dier take the lead” and also back stabbing and slandering your own race because they are successful? you may say all this isn’t true but I have seen it.. and I have seen many of it. This is why we are lacking behind, we as Malays must change our mentality and adapt. And as a Muslims too, can’t we have that mentality of the prophet to have endurance and strife to learn even when Prophet Mohamed is illierate?

I know this is the wrong place to convey my message because I’m sure there are many of us Malays here who are better than what I mentioned.. but this is something we need to look into for our children or as mentors remind the Malay children do better than what we already are.

We all know its going to be hard because in this Chinese majority society but if we support and help each other we can grow as a society that can produce doctors, entrepreneurs, billionaires, scientists or innovators and such. Then we don’t need a race specific elections.. or even so we can have many qualified candidates to campaign and win an election. Dont we want that?

Say what you wanna say I don’t care but we must do better than this..”

This prompted another response from a netizen on the same forum to post.

“You’re lamenting on a problem from viewpoint of a pessimists (which isnt wrong) but like a guy above said, dont ownself check ownself.

This GE is a clusterfuck of a manipulation. This puts the Malays on a pedestal. Some will cheer some will laugh at us.

But other than that we as the Malay race have improved. I MUST believe we have improved. We have become stronger and more dedicated more than ever in any endeavour. ( except with the diabetes thing. Please reduce.)

I concentrate on my family and know for sure that in the 3rd generation of my family we all have broken so many barriers. Most of my cousins have studied overseas and careers are in order and i am currently in Europe trying to make a life here. Aunts and uncle are succesful. We are trying our best, all of us are trying. For the next generation to come we must.

Im not bragging here. Im just telling you that you will whispers of success in the Malay community and when you do you must celebrate it.

Because there are far too many stories of our failures but the echo chambers are sometimes not the voices of Malays but of others who hateful or dont know any better. It lingers.

I know we as a race can go through any barriers. Once through, be the beacon to those left behind. The strength of our example at times will be our only weapon.”

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