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An engineer gets 10 days’ jail and 5-year driving ban for causing a motorcyclist’s death, even though the motorcyclist had been speeding in excess of 100km/hr on a main road. The man, S.N. Vasutavan, 69, made an illegal left turn from the centre lane of a road into a side road, resulting in a collision with a motorcyclist who subsequently died from multiple injuries.

He admitted causing the death of Mr Muhammad Arafat Baharudin, 19, by doing a negligent act along New Upper Changi Road on May 15, 2016.

The charge said that he failed to keep a proper lookout for other road users while making a left turn into the side road leading to the carpark of Block 208B, New Upper Changi Road, resulting in the collision. Mr Arafat, a part-time delivery rider, was on his way to work, travelling on the left lane, when the collision occurred. The impact was so great that the motorcycle flew in the direction of the carpark exit and landed on the covered pedestrian walkway next to the side road. It also hit two women walking along the walkway, causing them to fall to the ground.

It was later ascertained that Mr Arafat had been travelling in speeds of 102kmh to 107kmh. He was flung off the bike and landed on the side road. He was taken to Changi General Hospital, where he died at 7.53pm from multiple injuries.

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