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Seems like the authorities today are blaming the emergency brakes applied for an unknown reason for today’s Circle Line train disruption. It was indicated that applied emergency brakes rendered the train inoperable near Marymount station during this morning’s peak period.

The faulty train then had to be pushed out by another train. This latest in a long list of train disruptions again affected thousands of commuters on their way to work and what would be the first day back at school for students after their September break.

According to the Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board, a number of N-Level exams were held on Monday morning. It was not reported how many students were affected in their exams today because of the disruption.

This was not the first time a train service was affected by emergency braking. Usually, a train will apply emergency braking if it senses a safety breach. The Circle Line was affected with cases of trains applying emergency braking intermittently last year. The saga was initially attributed to an unidentified signal interference, and the Land Transport Authority even considered equipping the trains with an “electromagnetic shield”. The fault was finally traced to a faulty train which was emitting rogue signals which affected other trains.

Jose Hong

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