A viral video showing a drone colliding with the wing of a Southwest Airlines plane has been proven to be a hoax!

According to special effects artist Bruce Branit of BranitFX and Lucamax Pictures, he clarified that the video of the plane taking off from New York and getting clipped in the left wing by a drone was actually a special effects video engineer by him and his team.

Individuals on social media then allegedly pirated the video off his YouTube channel and claimed that they had been the ones who recorded the video in real time.

Bruce wrote on his YouTube channel: “After shooting this footage of NYC as we were climbing out of Laguardia… I thought it might be a challenge to make something go by or even strike the wing,” wrote Branit in an accompanying blog post.

“This is the same air corridor that Captain “Skully” ditched his Airbus A320 in the Hudson after a double bird strike, saving all on-board… But I chose to make a drone zip past instead of a bird and tear off a section of the winglet.”

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