A stress uncle suddenly came into the train and hold the handrail across my face while I was standing and leaning against the transparent board.

Out of shocked, I looked at him because his arm is crossing in front of my face. Suddenly he shouted and scolded me “U see what see! This handrail is for people to hold, I said excuse me very good already!”

Hello uncle, of course I know that handrail for people to hold. But your arm is crossing in front of my face while I am reading a message on my phone. Can’t you hold it not in front of other people’s face??

Still can shout and scold people somemore! And the train was not fully packed until he got no more handrail to hold. There were plenty of other handrails. I don’t say he can’t hold the handrail next to me, of course he can, but why he must crossing his arm in front of people’s face. Purposely looking for trouble is it?

Florence Tan
A.S.S. Contributor

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