Here are the many rules for living in an EC in Yishun, according to the management:

Do not hang laundry, brooms, mops, rugs, towels, etc., on your balcony or in front of your unit. Mops, clothes, rugs, etc., must not be shaken from balconies or windows.

Dirt, debris or water must not be swept over the edge of any balcony.

Cigars, cigarettes and other objects shall not be thrown from balconies and windows.

Bird feeders, planters and flower boxes, if allowed, must be secure and well maintained so that there is no danger of them falling.

Drying clothes on balconies is prohibited.

No household appliances, mechanical equipment or trash are to be kept on balconies.

The use of gas grills on patios and balconies is NOT permitted. Charcoal grills, wood burning containers and any open flames are prohibited.

No satellite dishes are permitted on the balcony or attached to the building in any way.

We seek the support of all residents to make Signature @ Yishun a more harmonious environment and safe haven for modern living.

Eh too many rules la, we didn’t know it’s so difficult to live in an EC!

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