A group of Reddit users have taken to posting their unhappiness about the Technology industry in Singapore online.

Although the industry does have its merits, most comments had damning things to say about government promotion of technology-related industry and jobs and local tech companies.

One netizen related how local Singaporean software engineers are being crowded out by foreigners from the US and India because of market specific demands.

“Don’t expect a lot of software engineering teams within the companies you go to (IIRC there aren’t a lot of teams maintaining libraries here too). If I’d describe the US as the engineering hotbed, India as the coding hotbed, then Singapore is probably the testing hotbed. Companies might have begun understanding that recruiting singapore “talent” does not pay off as compared to hiring from other Asian countries to do the brunt of the development work (5K/month/person vs 1k/month/team 😉 ). Thus a lot of “software engineers” in singapore are either doing local-specific work, or simple “business product” development, or actually are simply management/marketing people. I personally know a team that was imported from another country to singapore to do big data / machine learning because they can’t find the relevant talent in singapore (there is no money concern for these big companies, trust me)”

The same netizen related how the government is paying peanuts for tech related innovation.

“From what I know, gov pays a pittance for tech. The difference between first class and second upper is a measly 200++ dollars. However, I know for a fact that the government actually have proper engineering teams, though from what I know, nobody really recommends gov tech as a career path if you can go for the US companies.”

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