This morning as i was entering Singapore via Woodlands customs, i met with rude surprise. As i was entering Singapore’s immigration whilst driving, as usual i stopped at one of the counters and handed my passport to the ICA officer.He was very nice and started conversing with me about his duties and ventilating about how he was not happy working overtime after nightshift.I engaged in the conversation and told him he should take a break and enjoy life alittle.

At this point in our converstation i had forgotten to place my cash card in the toll unit and pay the SGD $2.70.As it may seem, perhaps i had pittied him for being overly hardworking as he had family and kids.He opned the toll barrier for me and i left without paying.As i was going along towards the second exit, an Aetos officer had approached my car from the front to stop me.I stopped my car and he walked towards my vehicle and asked me if i had paid my toll fees?

I told him, i forgot to do that becaue ICA officer was talking to and that i would come out and pay it back at the toll.Another Aetos officer then walked up and even without listening to me told me to give them my IC to which i conplied and they charged me $50 +2.70 for not paying the fees.

I explained that id like to see an LTA officer and to that one of them said they are LTA.I told them that they were being completely unfair and bias as i sensed that this was a scam.They pulled my record out for the past times i had exited Singapore and each time i had paid my toll fees.

I told them, “do you not see this!”.It was only today i had forgotten to do that and they kept on repeating that there was nothing they could do about it.

I find this quite preposterous as it felt like a money making scam that LTA is trying to do to get us in the net for not paying.

I told them what if i appeal, the officer replied its possible to appeal and not pay on the spot but if my appeal does not go through, the fine will be higher.

I was quite shocked! So they make you believe that your appeal will never go through and leave you with little choice but to pay the amount on the spot!

Lesson learnt, perhaps it was too early in the morning for me to have realised this but i pity hoe desparate of measures these people have to take to stinch some cash off you in the name of a summon.

Shame on you LTA and did you vote for this!!!?

A.S.S. Contributor

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