2 foreign Christian preachers cannot enter Singapore after their applications for short-term work passes to preach in the country were rejected.

“Both preachers had made denigrating and inflammatory comments of other religions,” the Ministry of Home Affairs said.

“They were very Islamophobic in their statements outside of Singapore, and we decided we will ban them,” Law and Home Affairs minister Mr Shanmugam, speaking at a public forum yesterday, said of the 2 preachers.

One preacher had called Allah a “false god” and called for prayers for those “held captive in the darkness of Islam”. The preacher also called Buddhists in a Hebrew word meaning “lost, lifeless, confused and spiritually barren” people.

The other preacher previously spoke of “the evils of Islam” and “the malevolent nature of Islam and Mohammed”.

This preacher claimed that Islam is “not a religion of peace” and that it is “an incredibly confused religion”, interested in “world domination” and “a religion based on… adhering to uncompromising and cruel laws often focused on warfare and virtual slavery”.

The MHA reiterated that such preaching is unacceptable in multiracial, multi religious Singapore and the government will not allow preachers of any faith to cause ill-will.

Mr Shanmugam also disclosed during the forum that the Maintenance of Religious Harmony Act was being reviewed.

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