Dear A.S.S. Editors,

With the article thing was painfully obvious about the whole mess at Gamescom.

The feedback given for the Singaporean companies wasn't meant to be constructive, but destructive. Some companies were blatantly named and shamed. Never mind that many of the companies that flew up were passion projects, small yet resilient, often living on instant noodles. Never mind that it was difficult enough to secure investors and funding to create games AND have enough to populate a booth with lots of expensive props. Never mind that it was impossible for just 2 people to man a booth at all times, seeing as hunger is a natural instinct and networking opportunities were abound, and many of the companies could not afford to send more than 2 representatives. 

Because of all of the 'better' Singaporean companies, there was but one. One company who was highlighted again and again as the cream of the 'bare boned' crop. And that is Mixed Realms.

Funny enough, the only person who is blowing Mixed Realms' trumpet is Aldric Chang, the owner of Mixed Realms himself. Clearly, because self-promotion can't be a bad thing, right? That's why we have people like Sumiko Tan.

But I digress. First of all, I present a case:

The anonymous contributor clearly pointed out that Mixed Realms was the "one present since morning", making no mention at all of the other companies. Next, on Aldric's Facebook page is a specific post with
photos from the event. From the photos, his booth seems to be doing pretty well! But the same post also has a snap of the other SG companies, all sad and empty. Yet it's captioned "Would just like to share some pictures of other countries' booths at Games Com, compared to ours." Wow. Driving the point home a little too hard there, chap.

These, plus the fact that Aldric has also given a talk on 'Why Singaporean Companies Will Fail at VR' – yet, is the CEO of the Sairento VR game under Mixed Realms. Surprise! He even ended the talk saying the government should pay for "everything." 

Sometimes when I'm trying to understand a person's motives, I play a little game. I assume the worst.

What could one possibly gain from these incidents? Pulling someone else down to make yourself look good? Classic power play. Shaming other people under the guise of 'helping' the industry? Too bad you're tarring yourself with the same brush.

The local game industry is a thriving scene with so many driven and creative people. These creators spend tons of blood, sweat, tears and money pursuing a passion that is literally about making others happy. Not everyone can afford to build huge games with giant booths and plenty of assistants on hand, but it doesn't cost anything to be a decent person.

If you truly cared about this (or any other) industry, you'd want to see it grow, not fall apart. If you were so proud of trying to put Singapore's name out there, why not actually make a positive difference and try to actually
help the people concerned instead of plastering your criticism everywhere else? All you're doing is making sure that these companies, already small to improve your company's image is to bring down others, then I've got news for you – you're obviously not good enough (but you knew that already).

And thus: I find you guilty of being a sabo king, a self-indulgent narcissistHow do you answer these charges?

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