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A 42 year old man was given a jail sentence of 15 months for tying up and assaulting a boy who he had suspected of hacking into his handphone. The man, Muhammad Zaidi Saleh, had been diagnosed with amphetamine use disorder and had tested positive for the drug in an internal test at IMH.

However, it was unknown if he had consumed the drugs when he committed the offence. Zaidi was trying to unlock his Google account outside his flat that day when paranoia set in, leading him to assume that somebody had hacked into it. His own mobile phone received five messages while he was fiddling with it. Zaidi suddenly heard a message notification tone coming from a nearby staircase and spotted the 14 year old boy at the void deck. He immediately concluded that the sound came from the teenager’s phone and believed the simultaneous receipt of messages could not have been a mere coincidence.

Suspecting the boy to be a hacker, Zaidi confronted the boy, who was himself high on methamphetamine, or Ice, at that time. Zaidi asked the boy to hand over his handphone, and the boy did as was told, as he was likely to be in a state of intoxication. Zaidi subsequently brought to boy back to his flat to “interrogate” him.

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