Recently I found out that my boyfriend lied to me. In March, he surprised me with a new car, a Honda Vezel Hybrid. I thought he was capable to buy his first car at the age of 27. As a new financial consultant, he told me that he closed a few high profile cases and this helped him to purchase his first vehicle.

Unfortunately for him, LTA has introduced new guidelines for private hire vehicles requiring them to paste a decal. It was only after a friend pointed out to me that his car was used for Uber/Grab as it had a private hire decal. Furious. I confronted him on whether the car was purchased to which he sheepishly admitted it was a rental from Uber.

How can I continue to trust such a man? How am I supposed to spend a lifetime with a habitual liar?

Every night now when he drops me home, I’m quite embarrassed as my neighbours and the security guard can see that I take the “same Uber” everyday. Even my parents have remarked before that I have been coming home in a grey Vezel often (they don’t know about him).

What should I do? As a graduating student, I can’t possibly be dating a PHD (Private Hire Driver) right? It is akin to dating a comfort cabbie.

I’m afraid if I break up with him, people will view me as materialistic. But on the other hand, I really don’t want to go out and get dirty glances from people when we step out of a new car with a private hire decal? What should I do?

Many thanks for hearing my heart out.

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