Dear all, I would like to appeal to the social media to help look out for my white Honda Accord JDM 2.0A SGZ5425E.

Hirer suppose to return the car this evening 530 pm, but he went MIA and refuse to answer my calls. The car was hired by this 37 year old Chinese guy with tattoos named Louis Han Wee Ren on 05 September 2017 at 545 pm. I manage to find his Facebook profile under the name Louis Wee. I went to his IC address at Bedok Central, but was greeted by an Indian lady who told me they are the only tenants living there and they do not know him. I am worried that my car is being used for illegal activities and illegal subletting. A police report has being lodged.

Any friends or relatives who know whereabouts of my car or this Louis guy, please let me know at 9271 8665. Please help to share this post around and Your help is greatly appreciated.

Credit: Kem Auto Leasing & Car Rental Facebook

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