just did my first order (from NTUC) on line and the experience – DEPLORABLE.

My goods were supposed to arrive between 6 – 8 pm.

A 8.15 I called the customer service and they assured me the goods would arrive within half hour due to some delay at the western centre (whatever it is)

At 9.25 I called the customer service again. Firstly I had to redial twice as the line got knocked out after waiting. Secondly, I was told the customer service would close at 10 and that the goods should reach me, failing which tomorrow I would be contacted to arrange a new delivery time slot and/or cancellation. I was also told that the delivery supervisor had gone home at 9.30 and could not be contactable.

There’s certainly no way me the customer (me) or the customer service personnel ever know the then current state of the goods!! It looks as if we can only pray and “hope for the best” that the goods would be delivered – which is most unsatisfactory!!!

The goods finally arrived just about 10pm. I was told by the delivery person he only collected them at the east base at 9pm and that he still had at least one more home to deliver.

My question is : what type of system fairprice has?? Nobody knows where the goods are at a point in time. The delivery supervisor just left for home without considering that his job has NOT been completed – a delay is his responsibility isn’t it??

At the very least, he should have the courtesy to call the customer(s) and inform them that due to some fault somewhere, the delivery has been delayed. This is not acceptable. He surely knew of the delay at some point in the early evening (6pm is the time slot given to my order) yet he did NOTHING to contact the customer. Then what’s the purpose of him as a contact person – he is as good as redundant and his customer care service quality sucks.

My family wasted FOUR HOURS waiting and wondering whether the delivery would arrive. Who is going to compensate us for that? Due to your sloppy delivery process, why should the customer suffer??

I expect fairpirce take this case seriously. Its reputation is much in doubt now.

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