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The problem of rental bikes being park anywhere and anyhow as the users deem fit, could soon be over. It was revealed yesterday that the three major bike share firms in Singapore, Ofo, oBike and MoBike, have a proposed agreement with the LTA in place, along with 15 town councils under the PAP banner to tackle this problem.

This includes the development of a single app platform for the general public to report illegally parked bikes; a common response time among the three operators to pick up these illegally parked bikes; and the adoption of geofencing technology by the end of the year. Geofencing technology basically means that users have to park their rented bikes at designated areas, or they ca be fined.

It was not announced though why the Town Councils involved are only the PAP managed ones, while the only WP Town Council was not in the picture.

John Lim

A.S.S. Contributor

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