A woman was punched in the face 10 times by a tattooed couple after she refused to share a cab with the fierce looking duo in Johor Bahru.

The incident happened outside Johor Bahru City Square on 18 August at about 12PM.

Madam Lee, a Singaporean, had visited relatives and was shopping in Malaysia when she boarded a taxi near City Square.

Initially, there were 2 other women and they at first agreed to split a $30 fare with the driver. However, the 2 women later backed out and a tattooed couple showed up.

Madam Lee was very uncomfortable and asked if she could refuse to share a cab. The cab driver ignored her and went out of the car, and a driver who seemed like he knew the couple replaced him.

Keeping quiet out of fear, she allowed the other driver to board with the couple. When the driver wedged a suspicious plastic bag between his legs, the woman’s alarm bells went off.

She asked to stop the car and wanted to alight, but the couple insisted the driver keep moving. When she tried to protest, she was punched in the face viciously by the man.

She was later kicked out of the cab even though her passport and documents were still in the cab. She later stayed with her friend after seeking treatment from a doctor.

A police report has been lodged over the incident.

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