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A father has been sentenced to one year in jail for assaulting his 10 year old son, causing the boy’s right eye socket to be fractured. The company managing director, now 51 years old, decided to plead guilty to causing grievous hurt to his son, after initially claiming trial to the offence.

An assault on the boy’s 41 year old mother was also taken into consideration during sentencing. The man committed the offences in their house in the Yio Chu Kang area at around 10.15pm on May 28, 2015. He was undergoing divorce proceedings with the boy’s mother at that time. The marriage had soured several years earlier, and the couple slept in separate rooms. The boy shared an upstairs bedroom with his mother while his father slept downstairs.

During the night in question, the boy had said to his father that he cared more for his mistress than his own family, to which the man became enraged and kicked his son’s face and body. He also pulled the youngster’s hair and arms. The mother tried to intervened, but she got kicked on her back for her troubles.

He continued to punch his son’s face when he heard the boy uttering an expletive. The family’s domestic helper, who witnessed the ruckus, alerted the police. Officers arrested the man when they arrived at the scene.

The man is now out on $20,000 bail as he might appeal against his sentence. There were no mentions whether the man actually had a mistress.

Terry Wong

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