The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) has approached Facebook page Fabrications About Singapore to remove the specimen currency image which had a photograph of Halimah Yacob pasted on it.

According to the page, MAS contacted the page yesterday after the image went viral. They were advised by MAS’s Miss Jaya from the MAS currency department to take down the post as reproducing Singapore’s currency without the permission of MAS was a contravention of regulations.

The page included a screenshot of their conversation with MAS (

The page wrote: “It remains a mystery why we (FASG) were contacted when there are so many others who had posted or reproduced image of Singapore currency. *We abstain ourselves from speculating the reason* ;p”

“PS: Despite all these, we would like to extend our appreciation to Miss Jaya who appeared to have create a Facebook account to inform us of the violation.”

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