Dear A.S.S. Editor

I was travelling with my maid down the escalator at a mall in Orchard. My maid was a few steps behind me and when I got off, the escalator made a terrible sound. I screamed at my maid to jump off and luckily she did if not her leg would have been injured or crushed. Despite jumping she still got some minor scratches but was obviously very shaken by the incident. The escalator brand was OTIS and according to security it is almost brand new.

I of course complained to building management and they have yet to get back to me.

If you hear sounds that don’t seem right on an escalator my only advice is to get off quickly… better safe than sorry… as for OTIS… How can, in this day and age can you design a escalator that can crush and injure someone like this.

Minh Tran

A.S.S. Contrinbutor

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