Ok.. this is abit too much.. tell me.. how hard can it be. You had 1 job. ONE FREAKING EASY Job n u got it wrong. Sent 3x n still wrong… surely u r not sincere..! I tell u all my story..

We went to EXPO sometime in March just to jalan2 survey some furniture. We saw this TV console its quite nice. They didnt state the price. A big guy name Victor approached us so we asked how much. He DIDNT reply. Instead he invited us to sit down to see the catalogue.. I honestly don wan. But he keeps saying no obligations just see only.. ok we sat down. Each time we asked how much he didnt answer n talked abt something else. He then offered us a leather sofa. I really have bad feeling for this (the way he talk n sell his things) but the price he quoted us for the sofa is quite tempting.. so we bought ..

Fast forward.. they suppose to deliver 1st August. But on that day they said there has been a mixed up w other orders. Colour is wrong. Ok schedule another day.

The 2nd time came wrong again.. ok schedule for 3rd time.

3rd time AGAIN WRONG colour.. and they promised to pick up n delivered the correct one..n keep rescheduled..

Finally, they came today… but guess what… WRONG AGAIN..! hard can it be ah??! There are codes for all colour for what??.. wrote down the code in invoice still wrong..!!

Please please avoid this company..! This is a perfect example of horrible customer service.. !

They don care about customer satisfaction they only care about the money. I say they r a con company..

This is just 70% of the story.. I didnt mention how this Victor hard sell this, how Victor beg us to not refund and trust him, the frustrations we had to contact them, changing of dates and how this fella just kept quiet after sales etc. Beep me if u want to hear full story…

These sofa might be recycled ones.. or only had certain colours (when it suppose to made to order) they purposely send wrong one n expect us to accept it…
N we also know they have many bad reviews.. we have become one of their victims…

N do take note they always at EXPO..

The 2nd pict on the left which i circled is the one we ordered but on 2nd delivery they sent far right corner (beige colour), 3rd delivery is the (dark brown colour).. so tell me did my eyes play tricks on me..???

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