An Australian netizen on a popular local forum has shared her views on a local photography studio that left her and her husband disappointed with his wedding photography services.

“We hired F******K for our wedding. We knew him from mutual friends and the photos he has taken were beautiful.

He told us he needed an assistant which we paid a few hundred extra for (we are from overseas). He ended up bringing his girlfriend who ‘helped’ him with his one camera and sat the whole time at our wedding.

We paid for up to 10 hours photography service. The “photography service time” included his smoke breaks, travel time and time we gave him food to eat. He kept disappearing at our wedding to smoke or sit. We had to constantly find him and tell him to take photos. (Imagine an already stressed bride having to find or call out for their photographer to come take photos).

The contract said 2-3 months photos would be done. No communication from him after our wedding date. We received our photos 4 months later, and on that 4 months mark, he said he could only upload half and will be getting the rest next week as “there were issues with server”.

Basically, our wedding was treated as a holiday for him and his “assistant”. Service was unprofessional and we had regrets in hiring a photographer that acted like he didn’t want to be there and don’t want others going through the same. We gave him extra few days to enjoy our city during the time he was shooting our wedding and when we asked for the extra favour of needing help of dropping off the album and canvas we paid for, he said he was busy while going on dates with his girlfriend.

And to any other couple getting married soon, we didn’t get the quality and service we have hoped for when we read previous reviews. Meet your photographer, discuss what their service includes, contact previous clients if possible and make sure they don’t bring their girlfriend.

We sent him a long message about how disappointed we were in his services and how we didn’t want others going through the same. He explained that he felt “unwelcome” at our wedding by others (people saw how flaky he was and how his ‘assistant’ did nothing. He also defended his actions saying his girlfriend did help with his equipment when all he brought was one camera. And that he had to disappear to go take photos of table settings and other guests (our hall was small, he was outside).

We did receive an apology even though he stated he felt ‘taken aback’ when I said I felt taken advantage of. However, nothing was done to make up for everything.”

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