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Police have arrested a man who had locked himself up in a flat in Marsiling Drive believed to be armed with a knife. It was understood that the man had threatened a Malaysian couple who were tenants living in the seventh floor unit of Block 1.

The couple were undertood to be trying to move out of the unit, which they had occupied since 2014. SCDF were informed of the incident around 1 pm on Wednesday, and had evacuated the neighbouring units as LPG was detected in the affected unit. Police confirmed that the man had barricaded himself in the unit.

The couple later told the media that the man was the owner of the unit, and had been paranoid recently about being arrested by the police. He had threatened the couple as he felt the couple had betrayed him, by wanting to leave The couple said they decided to move away for good as the man was of unsound mind.

Gavin Pang

A.S.S. Contributor

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