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The monkey that had made the news in Punggol over the weekend has been captured by the AVA. The monkey was seen in the evenings at Punggol’s Waterway Sunbeam estate,a ccording to residents who stay there.

Some pictures and videos of the monkey eating oranges and eggs that it had snatched from a passer-by, as well as hanging out at a playground were taken by a resident there. The resident also claimed that the monkey scratched the leg of a boy who is four or five years old and also climbed up outside the units of some flats. Acres and AVA were both highlighted.

A spokesman for AVA told The Straits Times yesterday that the agency has received “15 pieces of feedback from the public on monkey-related issues at Punggol Waterway” since Sept 1, and has been working with the Pasir Ris-Punggol Town Council to monitor and conduct surveillance of the area. Some cited safety concerns because the monkey snatched things from children and scratched a boy. “The monkey has been caught to safeguard public safety and we are exploring relocation options,” said AVA.

AVA advised the public not to feed monkeys as this alters their natural behaviour and causes them to become reliant on humans for food.

Diana Ong

A.S.S. Contributor

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