Two government statutory boards that most Singaporeans have never heard of will be merging into a single government agency called Enterprise Singapore in the middle of next year.

According to the Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI), which oversees both stat boards International Enterprise (IE) and Spring Singapore, they hope the merger will help local firms grow their businesses and expand overseas.

The new scope of work for the unified stat board will involve working with trade associations, chambers, unions and educational institutions to facilitate enterprise growth and promote trade. It will also have a role in standardization and accreditation. It will work with the Economic Development Board to chart Singapore’s future economy and forge close cooperation between local enterprises, start ups and multinational companies.

Spring Singapore, which used to oversee consumer protection in Singapore, will transfer this function to the Competition Commission of Singapore.

Netizens who were asked whether they knew what Spring Singapore and International Enterprise did gave nonchalant answers, with many admitting that they had never heard of the two government bodies before.

Many were even surprised that Spring Singapore was the body in charge of Consumer protection as many had a very dim view of Singapore’s consumer protection laws.

“I didn’t even know that there was a government agency looking at consumer rights in Singapore! This goes to show just how successful they were in their jobs,” wrote one netizen, Joey Goh.

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